Features of SIL KOT


- Facility to select chair & table.
- Facility to place new KOT.
- Facility to add additional KOT.
- Facility to edit running KOT .


- Facility to bill KOT.
- Facility to add discount.
- Facility to cancel KOT.
- Facility to bill/ parcel / takeaway KOT.


- Facility to collect payment against    respective order.
SIL-KOT Features


- Facility to add customer data.
- Facility to select pre-entered.
- Facility to add parcel/takeaway order. - Facility to add parcel/takeaway order.


- Control item inventory.
- Add room based item rate.
- Add item based remarks.


- Reconcile sales.
- Generate sales and audit report.


PC application will be installed in the server, seperate logins will be given to cashier and kitchen staff,the waiters will be provided with an Android Device like a Tab or Mobile Phone loaded with our application. The waiters after finding the taste of the customers, select the specific Menu Options and Choose the Food Items. There can as much Categories of Food as the Restaurant may have. Namely Arabic, Continental, Chinese, Indian etc. The Table Number will also be Selected and updated. Each tab button will then have the list of Food in a particular Category with short description of the Recipe and Prices along with the images.

On confirming the selection of Food items a Kitchen Order Token will be printed at the Chef Location in the Kitchen with the details of the Chairs and Table Number or Location of the Customer. The Food is then prepared and served to the satisfaction of the customer. The Process Continues till the Ordering is complete. All these details will be updated in cashier screen(PC application) through wifi,the Cashier can print the Bill on the Portable Mini Printer on his Desk by selecting the table no.

For Home delivery orders and take away orders the cashier can take orders by selecting the items,entering their name,phone number and address for delivery(for existing customers on entering phone number other details will be shortlisted),the same will be printed in the printer kept in kitchen for chefs attention.

All these devices will be synchronized with the Server Application through Wifi(Intranet). The master data for the waiters, halls, menu and price can be pushed to their Devices through WiFi and the Transaction data will be automatically stored in the Server Database.

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Components of the Solution

1.PC Application , Which be installed on the Server and have the following features
Define the Details of the Restaurant
Master Settings for Food Items Menu, Recipe and Prices along with images
Master Settings for the Tables, Chairs and Other Seating Arrangements
Master Settings for the Accounts and User of the Server Application
Print Bills and Receive Payments
Import the raw material stock details , to display day to day raw materials reports
Preparing raw materials purchase request and export them to a XML file
Various Reports on the Operations and export options

2. Android Applications, Provide to the Waiters will have the following Options
Login with User ID and Password
Download Data for Daily Operations
Select Table and Chairs of the Customers
Select the desired Food Items for the Customers
Print the KOT to the Kitchen
Import the raw material stock details , to display day to day raw materials reports
Preparing raw materials purchase request and export them to a XML file
Various Reports on the Operations and export options

3. Mini Printers : For printing of the KOT and Bills

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CSV, EXCEL Data Integration

SIL KOT contains built in features of exporting various transaction data in CSV, EXCEL format.

Tally Integration

SIL KOT has an optional tally data integration module which will failute the movement of transaction data to tally ERP 9 Gold.

Generic ERP Integration

Staging table model integration is available for integrating transaction data to third party ERP solutions.





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